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Our Packages

Personalized Solutions For Your Business Goals


Tier 1

Pro Bid Starter

Take The First Step Towards Unlocking Endless Possibilities.

Register With 5 States.


Contract Procurement Foundation: Establish a solid foundation for successful contract procurement.

State Registration: Become a registered vendor for up to 5 states.

Personalized Guidance: Receive personalized guidance to understand the procurement process.

Email Support: Quick responses and guidance via email.

Weekly 30-Minute Calls: Regular phone consultations to address progress and challenges.

Pipeline Building Strategy: Develop strategies to build and maintain a robust contract pipeline.

Bid Preparation Assistance: Receive guidance for bid preparation.

End-of-Month Strategy Call: Conclude the month with a strategy call to plan for the future.

1 Month Program


Tier 2

Pro Bid Accelerator

Unlock The Next Level Of Possibilities With This Results-Driven Package.

Register With 25 States.


All Tier 1 Benefits.

Expanded State Registration: Become a registered vendor in up to 25 states.

Twice-Weekly 30-Minute Phone Calls: More frequent phone consultations.

Bid Preparation Assistance: Receive hands-on assistance with bid preparation.

Phone Support: Access to phone support for immediate assistance.

Customized Pipeline Building: Tailored strategies for pipeline development.

2 Month Program


Tier 3

Pro Bid Mastery

Unleash The Full Potential And Redefine Success. Go Nationwide.

Register With All 50 States.


All Tier 2 Benefits.

Nationwide State Registration: Become a registered vendor in all 50 states.

Extended Email Support: Receive email support for an additional month after the program ends.

Ongoing Pipeline Strategy and Review: Fine-tune your pipeline approach with ongoing strategy sessions.

2 Month Program

Thanks to Pro Bid Solutions, I’ve experienced a significant boost in income. I’m constantly looking through new and exciting opportunities. It's amazing how far my business has come!


Unlock Opportunities, One Bid At A Time

Empowering Businesses Through Contract Procurement. We simplify the process and help you tap into new opportunities and resources.

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